I’m always on the lookout for cool fishing gear. And since it is the holiday season, I thought I would write a post on some of my favorite fishing gear. I hope you enjoy!

    SKB Tackle Boxes

    I’ve had a lot of different tackle boxes over the years, but by far, the SKB box is one cool tackle box. Is great for salmon especially. It is super durable and offers plenty of room for all your tackle including:

    • and a plexiglass case area for whatever you want to put in it
    • room for 4 tackle trays
    • a jig hanger area for up to 40 jigs
    • top section to allow for terminal equipment
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    Every year after Thanksgiving Day, I joke to my wife that it is Blackmouth Friday. And as the shopper’s flock to the stores, I get away from it all by going fishing…..blackmouth fishing!

    Winter black mouth fishing isn’t for the slight of heart. When you’re winter black mouth fishing you have to bear bad weather, rain, fog, wind, and sometimes you even have to find a point to hide behind in order to fish. Often times you have to put in many hours just to get one or two fish that are keepers. But winter black mouth fishing can be very rewarding if you put in the time to figure out the different techniques and holes that hold fish.

    Blackmouth Techniques

    Often times blackmouth will be down on the bottom rooting out candlefish (also called sand lance). This means you need to look for angled fish marks on your sonar right on the bottom (see graphic above)).

    No matter what blackmouth hole you’re fishing you want to be sure, like the old saying says, in the mud and match the hatch. This means right on the bottom even bumping the bottom sometimes and fishing with a lure that matches the hatch. If you catch a fish you can get the fish to see what’s in its stomach. This will give you clues for matching the hatch. Bumping the bottom with your downrigger ball is good as it can attract a strike from these very hungry and aggressive fish.

    Good Blackmouth Spots – Marine Area 11

    For Marina 11, there are lots of options. One of my favorite places for black mouth fishing in this Marine area is Quartermaster Harbor. In quartermaster Harbor I like to fish along the southern shelf. Here you can fish between 60 and 130 feet of water deep.

    Marine Area 11 Blackmouth Fishing Spot
    Marine Area 11 Blackmouth Fishing Spot

    If you don’t see much bait don’t give up. Keep an eye open for small clouds of bait attached to the bottom and angled marks on your sonar. This will likely be candlefish that the blackmouth are rooting out of the bottom (see graphic below).

    Blackmouth Fishing - Look for Candlefish
    Blackmouth Fishing – Look for Candlefish
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