Exciting Fishing Adventures in Westport: Salmon Day and Halibut Fishing Extravaganza


Westport, a coastal gem in the Pacific Northwest, is a renowned destination for fishing enthusiasts seeking thrilling experiences and bountiful catches. In this article, we’ll dive into the excitement of opening salmon day on Saturday, June 24th, and the adventurous halibut fishing expedition that followed. From calm waters to challenging conditions, Westport offers a range of fishing opportunities for avid anglers. So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable fishing journey.

Opening Salmon Day: An Epic Start:

The stage was set for an incredible day of fishing as Saturday, June 24th, unfolded in Westport. The weather graced us with its benevolence, presenting a beautiful day with calm ocean waters—every angler’s dream. With high hopes and fishing gear at the ready, we embarked on our quest to land the mighty salmon.

We started our trolling adventure from 200 feet of water, working our way east to west. Our objective was to locate the fabled “salmon highway,” the channel where salmon migrate during this time. Determined to maximize our chances, we pressed on, gradually trolling deeper until we reached 320 feet of water.

As we began our return journey, trolling at a depth of 90 feet in approximately 250 feet of water, our efforts bore fruit. The line suddenly tightened, and we knew we had hooked something special. The king salmon fought valiantly, showcasing its strength and resilience. After a thrilling battle, we triumphantly brought in an impressive king salmon, tipping the scales at an upper teens weight range. While the coho we encountered were on the smaller side, the experience of catching multiple species added to the excitement of the day.

Halibut Fishing: Battling the Elements:

Eager to continue our fishing adventure, we set our sights on Sunday’s halibut fishing expedition. However, nature had different plans for us. We awoke to a stiff 15-knot wind and a choppy ocean, presenting us with a challenging fishing environment. Undeterred, we forged ahead, determined to test our skills against the elements.

After a challenging 1.5-hour journey, we reached the renowned Grays Canyon, a hotspot for halibut fishing. Back trolling became a test of patience and skill due to the swells and wind waves, but we persevered. Casting our lines into the depths, we patiently waited for the telltale signs of a strike.

Though the halibut may have been elusive at times, we were rewarded with a memorable catch—a magnificent 25-pound halibut. The battle against the elements and the thrill of reeling in this impressive fish left us with a sense of triumph and accomplishment. Along the way, we also managed to hook a bocaccio and several canary rockfish, adding variety to our day’s catch.

As the weather began to worsen, we made the prudent decision to conclude our adventure and head back to port. Safety should always remain paramount, and it was time to bid farewell to the unpredictable elements.


Westport, with its opening salmon day and exhilarating halibut fishing at Grays Canyon, delivers an unmatched fishing experience. From the calm waters of the opening day, where we landed a remarkable king salmon, to the challenging conditions during the halibut fishing expedition, Westport showcases the thrill and unpredictability of fishing. So, fellow anglers, gear up, embrace the adventure, and remember to “Hook ’em Deep!” in Westport’s abundant waters.