Favorite Spot

My favorite spot for Area 10 black mouth fishing is Kingston‘s Apple Tree Cove. Apple Tree Cove is just north of the ferries and south of the marina area 10/9 borderline. Here I like to work for Apple cove trolling east to west. Trolling east to west lets you work the entire area without worrying about which way the tide is going and which way you have to troll. In Apple Cove I limited many times, even with some larger fish in the mix. At this location I like to fish black, both a black flasher and black spoon. Remember black doesn’t change color the deeper you go… stays black. Other colors will change and then eventually disappear the deeper you fish ‘em. Remember at this location stay alert and be cautious of the ferries.

trolling Kingston Apple Cove Map
Kingston, WA Apple Tree Cove Salmon Fishing

Second Favorite Spot

My second favorite spot in marine area 10 is fishing the ledge of the south part of Jefferson head. Starting on the actual mark for Jefferson head on a chart and trolling east all the way to the edge out in the shipping channel. Then you troll back west and not have to worry about trolling with the tides. Here you will want to keep an eye out for bait or even candlefish right on the bottom. In my experience there have also been winter black mouth that are suspended not right on the bottom so adjust your downrigger up off the bottom when you see suspended fish.

trolling Jefferson Head Map
Jefferson Head Resident Salmon Fishing

Third Favorite Spot

My third favorite spot in area 10 is on the south side of area 10 right on the borderline between 11 and 10. Just north of the South worth ferry from basically the ferry north for about a mile is a great place to troll and pick up a black mouth. There’s a few ups and downs so you’ll have to adjust your gear as you go but you’ll be fishing anywhere from 50 to 150‘ of water and right on the bottom.

And let’s not forget about Allen bank in the same area. Here you want to mooch or troll focusing on the top of Allen bank and the edges.

One thing to be careful when fishing this area is that you are fishing right on the marine area 10/11 line, so be sure to know the rules for each area as you might cross over the line.

trolling Allen Bank and South Worth Map
Allen Bank and South Worth Salmon Fishing

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