Marine Area 11

For Marina 11, there are lots of options. One of my favorite places for black mouth fishing and Marine area 11 is Quartermaster Harbor.

In quartermaster Harbor I like to fish along the southern shelf. Here you can fish between 60 and 130 feet of water deep. Again, if you don’t see much bait don’t give up. Keep an eye open for those angled marks on your sonar that are right on the bottom.

Another good black mouth spot I like his Point Robinson. Not actually around the Point to the south but fishing east and west along the shoreline starting from just around the Point at the power station crossing down to where the direction begins to turn at a small Point right before tramp harbor. Here you want to work between 50 and 150 feet of water. Trolling here I like to use a green flasher and green Coho killer but other combinations will also work.

Next is Beal Point or I should say south of Beal Point. You can work the Shoreline in about 75 to 100 feet of water. Here you will pick up black mouth. There was one December I even picked up a chum in this area fishing right on the bottom. A nice surprise given the fish was about 12 pounds and bright chrome.

Area 11 offers other good spots that you will find in books like between Browns Point and Dash Point.

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