There are two great spots for bottom fish in the central Puget Sound but you have to get there early as the lingcod tend to get fished out. The first spot is fishing the structures on the south side of Blake Island. If the drift is right in the current isn’t too strong you can do a nice drift from east to west over the structure here. I was once told that the structure is a sunken floating Bridge but never could confirm that. Nonetheless if you drift this do it with herring, a swim bait, or any other lures you know a lingcod would go after. I’ve heard of some people also fishing live hearing or live Sandabs, but check your regulations before you do something with live bait. Slack Tide is probably the best time to fish this area has the currents that whip around Blake island begin to calm down. As a rule thumb you want to be fishing in an hour before and an hour after Slack Tide. Keep in mind rockfish in this area are not open and you’ll need to to properly release bottom fish with a salt water descending device.

blake island bottom fish map

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