I don’t know if you have seen Bubba Blade’s electric knife, but it is awesome! I bought me one and cleaning fish hasn’t been the same.

The knife comes with 2 electric lithium ion batteries, 4 sets of blades, and a charger. It all comes in a red padded foam case knife motor, blades, batteries, and charger.

Bubba’s electric knife blades are ultra sharp and quiet. There is a 7 inch and 9 inch Flex blades for filleting and a 9 inch and 12 inch stiff blades also for filleting large fish or for steaking. My go to blade is the 9 inch Flex blade for filleting a salmon in a flash. I can literally fillet a salmon in just a minute.

The knife fits your hand great, which makes filleting a snap. Check out the video below of me filleting a coho salmon fast!

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