For a good salmon setup lot of anglers prefer to use the cannonball sinker setup when fishing Columbia River’s Buoy 10. Below is a typical setup I like to run. I put a slider with a snap swivel for my cannonball, then I will run a 24″ heavy mono line to an Shortbus inline flasher. Then from the flasher back to the lure I will run 36″ heavy mono; 30-40lb. See actual photo of setup and sketch below.

Instead of the Shortbus inline flasher you can use an 11 inch traditional flasher; I prefer Pro Troll flashers for my Buoy 10 salmon cannonball setup. And instead of using the Brads Killerfish you can use a Brads Cutplug.

I prefer to stuff the lure full of oil packed tuna or something similar (garlic tuna) to get the fishes attention. The oil in the tuna will release the tuna scent slowly and disperse throughout the water column.

This has proven to be a killer Buoy 10 salmon setup that no salmon can resist!!

picture of buoy 10 cannonball setup

picture of buoy 10 cannonball setup

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