If you are like me, you have many saltwater rods that serve different purposes. For example, I have my salmon rods, my halibut rods, bottom fishing rods, and tuna rods. Finding a place to store all these rods in an orderly fashion is often a challenge for us anglers. I am going to explain how you can build a cheap, easy, awesome, DIY Fishing rod holder.

You can buy expensive rod holder systems, rod holders that are flimsy, or rod holders that don’t hold that many rods at all. But I have a cheap, easy rod holder system that only takes about an hour to install.

Tools Needed

  • cordless screwdriver
  • bolt cutters
  • level

Materials Needed

  • (2) 1-in x 3-in 8-ft Spruce Pine Fir Strips – cost is $2.98/ea (Lowe’s)
  • (24) 1 – 5/8″ Two Hole Strap U-Bracket Stainless Steel Rigid Pipe Strap Clamp — cost is $9.99 (you can get 30 pcs at Amazon)
  • (48) Wood Screws #8 x 3/4″

Okay, now that you have everything you need, let’s see how to build your cheap, easy, awesome rod rack!


  • Step #1 – find a wall space that is approximately 9’x9′
  • Step #2 – using the level, mount the (2) fir strips about 4′-6′ apart (depending on your rod lengths) from floor to ceiling (trying to use wall studs if possible)
  • Step #3 – cut (8-10) pipe straps in half (see image below). Caution: be sure to file and cover if the cutting creates any sharp edges.
Cut Pipe Strap in Half
  • Step #4 – on the right hand side wood strip, using the wood screws, mount the full pipe strap, which will hold the rod butt (Spacing is dependent on your rods, but I mounted them butted-up against each other).
  • Step #5 – on the left hand side wood strip, using the wood screws, mount the cut/half pipe straps. These half pieces will hold the the rod end.

Picture of Completed Rod Rack

See completed cheap, easy, awesome, DIY fishing rod rack below! This rack holds up to 16 rods, but depending on how you space your rod rack you can likely fit more.

You can also put a fishing picture behind it if you like to give a little better look and feel to your fishing room or office. I chose to put a chart behind mine.


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