If you are unable to make it offshore for rockfish, don’t worry. You can fish for rockfish inside the river on the south and north jetties.

My favorite spot is the south jetty. It is about half way up the south jetty and there is a large hump. It can be great fishing, but be careful to have someone stay on the help at the controls in case you get too close to the rocks. Also, be careful traveling to the spot. There is a large sandbar in front of it and you will need to drive down the river then back up to avoid the sandbar (see graphic).

The other spot I like to fish for rockfish is on jetty A. Some will call it the north jetty. You have to be careful here as well as there are exposed rocks from the sunken jetty.

Also, be sure to properly release bottom fish with a salt water descending device.

ilwaco rockfish

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