Are you looking for a place to bottom fish in the south Puget Sound, then try KVI tower. Located within Tramp Harbor and just off the KVI tower there is a reef. The KVI tower reef is popular with divers so be careful if you see dive boats with the dive flag out. And if you’re fishing this area be sure to get there early in the season especially before the two week dive spearing season is open. KVI tower bottom fishing has lots to offer, you can catch lingcod, greenling, rockfish, and an occasional cabezon.

Consult Washington Fish and Game for more information on bottom fishing species and seasons to see which fish you can legally retain.

Warning: As of this writing using barbed hooks for bottom fish was illegal due to protections on rockfish. Be sure consult Washington Fish and Game to determine which types of hooks to use.

Also, be sure to properly release bottom fish with a salt water descending device.

kvi tower bottom fishing map

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