I’m always on the lookout for cool fishing gear. And since it is the holiday season, I thought I would write a post on some of my favorite fishing gear. I hope you enjoy!

    SKB Tackle Boxes

    I’ve had a lot of different tackle boxes over the years, but by far, the SKB box is one cool tackle box. Is great for salmon especially. It is super durable and offers plenty of room for all your tackle including:

    • and a plexiglass case area for whatever you want to put in it
    • room for 4 tackle trays
    • a jig hanger area for up to 40 jigs
    • top section to allow for terminal equipment

    Burnewiin Mounts and Rod Holders

    I use the GM650 makes if very easy to switch out gear. Just pull the lever and change out downriggers, cleats, rod holders, knife holders, etc. I use the

    GM650 Burnewiin Mount

    I use the RH6650 for halibut and it works great. Super sturdy and they plug right in to the boat and my halibut rod plugs right into the holder. No more mounting heavy duty aluminum rod holders each season.

    RH6650 Burnewiin Rod Holder

    Daiwa Tanacom 1000

    If you like deep dropping for halibut of lingcod this is a great reel. No more cranking 900 times just to check your bait. Simply use the Power Lever to reel in your line and watch your bait stop as your lure reaches the surface. The downside to this reel is that the jigging and other menus are a bit difficult to understand …..not as intuitive as I hoped. But with a bit of practice and reading the manual, you should be good to go power up that big halibut. Or if you like, reel it in the old fashion way.

    Daiwa SALD35-2SPD Saltiga Lever Drag Salt Water Reel

    Okay, this reel is expensive, but if you have the extra dollars and want one of the best tuna reels out there, the Saltiga is the one.

    Saltiga is a two speed reel that offers an amazing 40lb carbon drag, and a one-touch shift for speed changes.

    I also use if for bottom fishing when I am targeting bigger bottom fish such as lingcod.

    This reel is awesome!

    Shimano Tekota 600 with Line Counter

    I have owned several overpriced salmon reels and it always seems like the drag trawl goes out on all of them. I’ve owned the Tekota now since it came out and it is very dependable, and the drag is still operating like new.

    This reel has a 24lb max drag setting, an adjustable handle, and a great 6.3:1 gear ratio.

    The line counter is very accurate and doesn’t fog up like some reels.

    Scotty #2106B High Performance (HP) Downrigger – 36″-60″ 

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fishing device that I use all the time; my favorite Scott Downrigger. I have owned previous versions/models of Scotty and also different models of Cannon, and the Scotty HP is by far the nicest downrigger I have ever owned. Not only is it powerful enough to handle 15 and 20 lb weights, but the retrieve rate is also incredibly fast. This downrigger will make your salmon fishing much more efficient and allow you to fish deeper for those deep summer or winter time fish.

    OKUMA Guide Select Pro Salmon Rods (9’9″ or 10’6″)

    I have the 9’9″ version which makes for a great downrigger rod. These rods are built for trolling, they can pull heavy fish and are very sensitive to see when you have shaker on.

    Trevala Rods

    The Trevala rod looks like a trout poll, but can pull up very large fish. Simply amazing if you think about it. This rod is rated up to 200lbs and is perfect for fishing albacore tuna or if you like, pull up a halibut with this rod. I use it for live baiting, casting metal jigs, or swim baits. And if you accidentally catch a mako, this rod will handle it.

    Marine Products Fillet Table

    I’ve owned several different tables, but non of them you could fillet a good sized fish on. This table, being 40 inches, allows you to fillet out most fish. I love the draws on this table, they are very roomy and allow me to store pliers, knives, scents, and more.

    Marine Products Fillet Table

    Gamakatsu Fishing Pliers

    Plier and saltwater don’t usually mix, and even if they are called stainless pliers, they still seem to rust up. So far so good with these pliers. I have had them a full season and not a trace of rust. Good for working with spoons and rings. And I especially like the cutter on these pliers.

    Hook ‘Em Deep!

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