Bottom fishing in Neah Bay is by far some of the best bottom fishing you will find in the northwest. My favorite spot is right off of Mushrooms Rock in about 50 to 90 foot of water. There are lots of pinnacles where you will find rockfish, lingcod, Cabazon, and Many other varieties of bottom fish. I like to drift over the pinnacles using a herring, swim baits, or Berkeley saltwater gulp swim baits. If you were concentrating just on Rockfish you can also use A double fly set up and pull up to the time.

If you want to head south out of Neah Bay for good bottom fishing, one of the best spots is just outside of Neah Bay. Starting around Dtokah Point and drifting east towards Sail and Seal rock you’ll pick up some nice rockfish and lingcod. Just passed the big rock there is a wreck which is partially exposed so you need to be careful especially in low Tide. Here you can pick up big lingcod but again be careful of your surroundings and keep an eye on the sonar as the sunken ships mast is only 10 or 15 feet below the waterline on low tides. Also there is an abundance of kelp hung off this rack so you’ll have to be careful not to lose your gear in the calf or on the shipwreck itself. In this spot I have caught ocean sized lingcod and really nice big black rockfish. Again, here you can use herring swim baits or gulp.

Also, be sure to properly release bottom fish with a salt water descending device.

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