Crabbing area 11

Crabbing area 11 for Dungeness crab can be a little tricky. You have to get out early right when the season opens to get a hold of good Dungeness crab. After some time the Dungeness crab will be fished out this is due usually to a native American season that opens before the regular recreational season opens. If you don’t get out there early you will find mostly Red Rock crab in your pots.

Good areas for Dungeness crabbing are quartermaster harbor, just north of dash point, and Tramp harbor. Don’t get me wrong there are other spots with good crabbing, you just have to find them. When I’m setting in tramp harbor I like to set right off the shoreline of the house with the big front yard on a hill.. you can’t miss it you will see this house. Not too many people crab tramp harbor even though it’s good, compared to other spots like quartermaster. Quartermaster harbor gets very busy with hundreds of pots but again if you get there early in the season you will get some good crab. Along the shoreline north of dash point all the way up until Des Moines Marina there are good crabbing areas. The key to finding a good crab area is to look for eel grass on the shoreline. Dungeness crab don’t usually go very deep you could set your pots from 30 to 100 feet deep. If you want to attract Dungeness crab rather than red rock crab avoid baits that have fish and use raw chicken. For some reason, unknown to me, really like the raw chicken.

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