If you fish a lot you know how important it is to have a good sealer. A good sealer will help your fish last up to 2+ years in the freezer.

Chamber Sealers

There are many different brands of sealers, all having their pros and cons. But if you can afford the investment, a chamber sealer might be the way to go. Chamber sealers have been used in commercial kitchens for years and are by far the best sealers.

Instead of pulling the air out of the bag a chamber sealer pulls the air out of the entire chamber.

One of the best chamber sealers on the market is the VacMaster. However, these sealers are not cheap. But over time they will pay off as you can buy 1000 4-mil bags for about $50.

Cheaper Chamber Sealers

If you don’t want to spend $1000+ for a sealer there are plenty of alternatives to the VacMaster ranging from $300 on up. But do your research before buying.

Here’s my sealer. It’s the knock-off version of Vacmaster. I paid about $300 dollars and as you can see it seals fish nicely just like the Vacmaster.

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